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Mission Statement

The Surgery Center of Farmington is a privately owned, freestanding Ambulatory Surgery Center. The mission of the center is to provide cost effective, efficient outpatient surgery to the community, denying services to no one while maintaining fiscal responsibility. We also strive to exceed the expectations of both the patients and physicians. In addition, we foster a caring atmosphere enriched with collaboration, innovation, and surgical care in the community.


Woodrum / ASD 7326 Wentwood Drive Dallas, TX 75225   Individuals within this company: Anton G. Beffa, M.D. John R. Fitz, M.D. John B. Holds, M.D. ...


Anton G. Beffa, M.D. Ophthalmology 140 Westmount Drive P.O. Box 429 Farmington, MO 63640 Phone: 573-756-2020 Fax: 573-756-6997 John R. Fitz,...


Our Staff

We proudly introduce our Surgery Center of Farmington Staff!

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